This website is closing down this month (May 2022) after two years in operation. It has  become too much work managing and updating the website AND updating the Word version. Many thanks for all your contributions and comments. The ever-increasing cost of running a website has become prohibitive.

The updated and much-expanded printed version – Skippers Hill Manor House History – will be lodged with the East Sussex Record Office (ESRO), The Keep, Falmer, near Brighton, East Sussex, in early June 2022. Visitors to its Library will be able to read the full document on site, which will include three unpublished biographies (Finding Mander, Finding Faro and Finding Miss Elizabeth Davis). The biography Finding Mander includes details of a potential link between JR Mander and Sir Walter Raleigh, as well as the Raleigh Family Tree.

The new document will comprise 5 Parts plus three biographies at the back:
Part 1: Farmstead
Part 2: Private House
Part 3: Bucknall’s Schools & The Wards Era
Part 4: Prep School Life (1960s)
Part 5: Foundership

It is likely that a pdf version of this document will be made available to the ESRO next year. This will obviously make it much easier for future researchers and interested parties to access the full research document online.

Peter King Smith
The Netherlands
May 2022