75th Anniversary Quiz

In which month of 1945 did Harold Bucknall found Skippers Hill Manor Prep School? When did the Wards take over the management of Skippers Hill Manor Prep School? What was Skippers Hill Estate originally? What is the connection between smuggling and Skippers Hill? What is Charles Burgess Fry’s connection with Skippers Hill? What did Colonel Faro, the deputy head at Skippers, do during the Great War? Which famous Victorian singer was connected with Skippers Hill? What is the title of the book written by Harold Bucknall, the founder of Skippers? What was the white building at Skippers (Year 2 Classroom) originally used for? What was the Big Triangle? Who was the alpinist connected with Skippers Hill? What were patients from Leybourne Grange Mental Hospital doing at Skippers? Who moved the front entrance and porch further back from the road after 1905? What was Swedish Drill at Skippers? What military ordnance used to stand behind the rear courtyard wall at Skippers? What is the connection between ‘Nicholson’s Gin’ and Skippers Hill? How did boys solve Colonel Faro’s quiz? Who lived at Skippers Hill Manor between 1911 and 1944? What kind of punishment was the ‘crucifix’ at Skippers? What was the connection between Skippers Hill Manor School and Tavistock Hall School? In what year did a bomb fall on buildings at Skippers Hill? What duties did ‘fagging’ involve at Skippers? Who was Thap Thing Thong? What were the core subjects at Skippers in the early 1960s? Where would you have found Valete boards in Skippers and what was on them? What did boarders do in the evenings to pass the time? Who planned to add a billiard room at Skippers Hill? What were the main sports played at Skippers in the 1960s? Who was the night watchman that patrolled the school corridors late at night? What was a Heaf Gun doing in the school library in 1962? Which films were shown on Sunday evenings as treats for the boys? Why were letters home to parents censored by the school? What concert was given at Christmas 1962 on the night heavy snow blanketed England? Who was headmaster of Skippers for the shortest period of time? What two-word phrase describes tough boarding school life in the early 1960s? (Clue: b, c) Who became the third headmaster of Skippers in 1954? What improvements were made to the fabric of Skippers in 1947? How much did Harold Bucknall pay to buy Skippers Hill Manor in 1945? In which city near Hadrian’s Wall was Harold Bucknall the school’s principal? Who was gifted 36 acres of land known as Marchants at the end of the 19th century? When was a Pope at Skippers? How many acres did the Skippers Hill Estate comprise in 1890? In which sport did Harold Bucknall, the founder of Skippers, excel? Who was the great grandfather of all-round sportsman Charles Burgess Fry? What happened if you were late reaching the assembly point during a fire drill at Skippers? How was Lady Ashburton connected with Skippers Hill? What examinations did boys study for back in the 1960s? Who was Mr Mander’s grandfather? What was the relationship between Mrs Maureen Ward and Jack Bucknall’s wife Anne? Which three people were headmaster of both Skippers Hill Manor and Tavistock Hall? How many individual family trees are there on the website? What colour was John Ward’s (headmaster) history stencil? What did Mr Mander teach at Skippers? What were the two forms of censorship exercised at Skippers in the 1960s? Who invented Swedish Drill? Which author‘s books did Mrs Maureen Ward have to read to earn her circus treat? Where could you find the good master at Skippers in the early 1960s? What nautical tool was used by prefects to punish boys at Skippers? How many different words are there in the animated image on the Home page? What did Mr Mander always carrying with him? How many words did the will of John Fry the 3rd contain? What qualification did Jack Bucknall have? Where in the grounds of Skippers HIll was the orchard located in 1873? Where can you find ‘outshuts’ at Skippers? Who took over the running of Skippers Hill Manor Prep School in 1954? A former occupant of Skippers Hill was bequeathed a Russian-style tiara. Who was that? Answers to the Quiz can be found on the website.